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Estonian options in climate policy 27.11.2008

Environmental protection has a enjoyed sharp increase of attention over the last decade. Within the last few years climate change has became one of the key discussion points in global politics. Somewhat similarly the days of oil crisis in early 1970s suggested that over-consumption of non-renewable natural resources will make environmental considerations to stay a key concern.

Forest certification in Estonia 01.08.2006

This case study provides an overview of the process and effects of forest certification in Estonia. The discussion regarding forest certification was initiated in Estonia in the mid-1990s as environmental NGOs started to highlight the potential benefits of certification. The issue was discussed further in the working groups of the National Forest Development Program, bringing it to the attention of a broader range of institutions, officials and stakeholders.

Saaremaa bridge – a crazy Estonian dream 30.05.2006

A small European economic and information technology tiger, Estonia is entering a completely new and unknown phase in its history – the country is suddenly becoming rich. With a steady economic growth rate of 10 percent and the prospect of receiving a significant amount of aid from the EU’s regional aid budget for 2007-2013, Estonia is eyeing large-scale investment projects that previously seemed impossible. But is it doing so rashly?